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Sustainability tops our list of concerns when manufacturing any chemical compound. We at Sagar Life Science, are aware of the effects our operations can have on the world around us, which is why we work tirelessly to incorporate sustainability into everything we do. Carbon neutrality is one of our important visions and we aspire to become a company that neutralizes all the carbon impact that we create on the environment. We thrive to develop our processes to make our products efficient, sustainable, and human friendly. Our green belt area and upcoming solar projects are one of the many steps that we have taken to proceed in this direction.
Sustainable practices for better future

Research & Development

research & development team

Innovations and customizations being one of our core values, we focus on research and development the most. With our strong in-house research and development team, we’ve been constantly evolving and optimizing our procedures to develop chemical compounds that are efficient,

The company is confident that investing in research and development will yield not only financial and strategic benefits for the company but also substantial contributions to the industry as a whole. This guiding principle is an essential component of our chemical innovation and customization strategy.

Backed by a strong team in the R&D department, with its expertise and experience in this field for many years we are able to constantly evolve our operations so that they become efficient and produce optimum quality products.


Strong Team


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Using our engineering skills and infrastructure development, we continue to improve our production’s efficiency in order to match it with the standard theoretical yield.


Key products:

▸ 1-Ethyl-3-(3-Dimethylaminopropyl)-Carbodiimide Hydrochloride (EDAC HCL)
▸ 2-Hydroxydecanoic Acid (2 HDA)
▸ 2,4,6 Trimethyl-m-Phenylenediamine (2,4,6 TMP)
▸ 2 Aminoisobutyric Acid (AIBA)
▸ 2-diazo-1-naphthol-4-sulfonylchloride (NQDS)

*Above all products are developed by us, we are the only manufacturer and exporter of above products.


▸ Our state of art R&D center which has capacity to develop niche molecules
▸ Our Strong Team management.
▸ Our process for the optimization of waste management.
▸ Green belt development for the betterment of the environment.

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